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Welcome to unkrig.de!

Where the fine software grows



Hello out there!

I am a professional programmer, and when I have time I work on several cool open source projects. Find them useful, interesting, inspiring - or contribute! To contact me, send email to 'arno att unkrig dott de'.

Cheers, Arno

Larger Projects


A super-small, super-fast Java™ compiler for embedded applications where you want to compile code on-the-fly into byte code which is executed in the running JVM.

LFR - Lightning-fast Regular Expressions for Java

A 99.9%-complete reimplementation of java.util.regex ("JUR") with better match() and find() performance.

ZZ Tools

Enhanced versions of the widely known DIFF, FIND, GREP and PATCH command-line tools, which handle not only directories and files, but also archive and compressed files, and even nested archive and compressed files. They can even disassemble Java .class files on-the fly and operate on the disassembly.

CheckStyle Contributions

Additional checks, filters and quickfixes for CheckStyle and Eclipse-CS.


A versatile Java™ library, including a highly flexible HTTP and FTP server.

Smaller Projects


An HTTP proxy that handles proxy authentication.


Doclets are a way to re-use the JAVADOC tool to do other things than just generate Java API documentation. I wrote a few of them for different purposes:

The ANT Doclet
Generates JAVADOC-like HTML documentation for an ANTLIB, e.g. for Antology and the ZZ tools.
The CheckStyle Doclet
Generates the metadata files for CheckStyle and eclipse-cs from 'doc tags' in the source code of your checks and filters.
The JAVADOC Doclet
A re-implementation of the JAVADOC standard doclet, basically a reference to show how to use the "no-template" framework.
The MAIN Doclet
Generates HTML documentation for a "main()" method - useful for command line tools with a set of command line options.


A Java tool to convert HTML documents into plain text.


A disassembler for Java .class files.


A super-small Java library for templating, i.e. generating text files (HTML, XML, whatever) from a "template" text file.

Retired Projects

These projects are no longer maintained and are only of limited use, e.g. because they work only with old Java versions.


Some contributions to APACHE ANT, e.g. the <swingDialog> task which significantly enhances ANT's <input> task.


A tool for automatic injection of logging code into Java™ class files, making it unnecessary to mess up your code with hand-written logging.

Eclipse plug-in for extended CVS possibilities

An ECLIPSE plug-in that adds CVS functionality that is sometimes painfully missing from ECLIPSE's built-in CVS client.

Subclipse enhancements Eclipse plug-in

The often-missed <de.unkrig.subclipse.svn> ANT task that uses the SUBCLIPSE client of the running ECLIPSE workbench.