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<meta name="keywords" content="apache, ant, antlib, library, extension, tasks, types, filters"></meta> <meta name="description" content="A library for APACHE ANT that contributes many useful, resource collections, and other types"></meta> This project was renamed to "Antology" to get rid of the constant confusion with the (related, but otherwise independent) "ant-contrib" project on SOURCEFORGE.

As a consequence, in all your ANT build scripts, you have to change

 <taskdef resource="de/unkrig/antcontrib/ant.xml" classpath="path/to/de.unkrig.ant-contrib.jar" />


 <taskdef resource="de/unkrig/antology/ant.xml" classpath="path/to/antology-x.y.z-jar-with-dependencies.jar" />

. That's all, folks!