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=== [[No-template|no-template]] ===
=== [[No-template|no-template]] ===
: A super-small Java library for templating, i.e. generating text files (HTML, XML, whatever) from a "template" text file.
: A super-small Java library for templating, i.e. generating text files (HTML, XML, whatever) from a "template" text file.
=== [[Subclipse.unkrig.de|Subclipse enhancements Eclipse plug-in]] ===
: The often-missed <code><de.unkrig.subclipse.svn></code> ANT task that uses the SUBCLIPSE client of the running ECLIPSE workbench.
== Retired Projects ==
== Retired Projects ==

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Welcome to unkrig.de!

Where the fine software grows





Hello out there!

I am a professional programmer, and when I have time I work on several cool open source projects. Find them useful, interesting, inspiring - or contribute! To contact me, send email to 'arno att unkrig dott de'.

Cheers, Arno

Larger Projects


A super-small, super-fast Java™ compiler for embedded applications where you want to compile code on-the-fly into byte code which is executed in the running JVM.

LFR - Lightning-fast Regular Expressions

A 99.9%-complete reimplementation of java.util.regex ("JUR") with better match() and find() performance.


Some contributions to APACHE ANT, e.g. the <swingDialog> task which significantly enhances ANT's <input> task.

ZZ Tools

Enhanced versions of the widely known DIFF, FIND, GREP and PATCH command-line tools, which handle not only directories and files, but also archive and compressed files, and even nested archive and compressed files. They can even disassemble Java .class files on-the fly and operate on the disassembly.

CheckStyle Contributions

Additional checks, filters and quickfixes for CheckStyle and Eclipse-CS.


A versatile Java™ library, including a highly flexible HTTP and FTP server.

Smaller Projects


An HTTP proxy that handles proxy authentication.


Doclets are a way to re-use the JAVADOC tool to do other things than just generate Java API documentation. I wrote a few of them for different purposes:

The ANT Doclet
Generates JAVADOC-like HTML documentation for an ANTLIB, e.g. for Antology and the ZZ tools.
The CheckStyle Doclet
Generates the metadata files for CheckStyle and eclipse-cs from 'doc tags' in the source code of your checks and filters.
The JAVADOC Doclet
A re-implementation of the JAVADOC standard doclet, basically a reference to show how to use the "no-template" framework.
The MAIN Doclet
Generates HTML documentation for a "main()" method - useful for command line tools with a set of command line options.


A Java tool to convert HTML documents into plain text.


A disassembler for Java .class files.


A super-small Java library for templating, i.e. generating text files (HTML, XML, whatever) from a "template" text file.

Retired Projects

These projects are no longer maintained and are only of limited use, e.g. because they work only with old Java versions.


A tool for automatic injection of logging code into Java™ class files, making it unnecessary to mess up your code with hand-written logging.

Eclipse plug-in for extended CVS possibilities

An ECLIPSE plug-in that adds CVS functionality that is sometimes painfully missing from ECLIPSE's built-in CVS client.
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