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A drop-in replacement for the standard JAVADOC doclet that is part of the JAVADOC utility which ships with the JDK. It implements many, but not all options of the original doclet.

The main motivation was to demonstrate the capabilities of the [No-template|no-template] framework; in particular its abstract templates that render "javadocish" pages. Effectively, this doclet re-implements the JDK's standard JAVADOC doclet with only 4900 lines of code (including tons of comments).

After all, JAVADOC is *the* reference application of a doclet, and anybody who wants to write a doclet knows it and has an idea of how to get from the JAVADOC doclet to *his* doclet.

Getting started

To use this doclet, you must run the JAVADOC utility exactly as usual, but pass -doclet and -docletpath command line options to replace the built-in doclet with the new one.

Doclet Options

-d dest-dir
-windowtitle text
-doctitle text
-header text
-footer text
-top text
-bottom text
Same as for the original JAVADOC doclet.


Find the source code here.

Ready-to-use binaries are not (yet) available.

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