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A drop-in replacement for the standard JAVADOC doclet that is part of the JAVADOC utility which ships with the JDK.

The main motivation was to develop a slick framework the would help me (and others) to implement other doclets (see below) more easily. After all, JAVADOC is *the* reference application of a doclet, and anybody who wants to write a doclet knows it and has an idea of how to get from the JAVADOC doclet to *his* doclet.

Getting started

To use my JAVADOC doclet, you must run the JAVADOC utility exactly as usual, but pass -doclet and -docletpath command line options to replace the built-in doclet with mine.

Doclet Options

-d dest-dir
-windowtitle text
-doctitle text
-header text
-footer text
-top text
-bottom text
Same as for the original JAVADOC doclet.


Find the source code here.

Ready-to-use binaries are not (yet) available.

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