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Version 2.0.4, 2017-12-06

  • Tasks <follow> and <urlConnection>: Added attributes 'direct="true", 'httpProxy="host:port"' and 'socksProxy="host:port"', which override the "http[s].proxy(Host|Port)" system properties.
  • Moved the "CustomAuthenticator" (and its fellows "CredentialsSpec", "JPasswordFields" and "Regex" from the ANTOLOGY project to the "" project, where it belongs.
  • Fixed the well-known security hole in JPasswordField: You can't set the password without converting it to a String.
  • CustomAuthenticator: Treat port number "-1" as "missing".
  • Task <setAuthenticator>: Added the "deny=..." attribute for the <credentials> subelement.

Version 2.0.3, 2017-01-27

  • Switched from ANT 1.8.4 to 1.9.8.
  • <forEach2>: The default for the "delimiter", which was previously changed from "," to ", \t\r\n", was reverted, and a new attribut "trim" was added.
  • Extracted the Authenticator from the <setAuthenticator> task to an independent compilation unit.
  • The keystore of <setAuthenticator> is now (optionally) protectable with a "master password".
  • Extracted the UserNamePasswordStore to "".
  • <setAuthenticator>: Credentials can now optionally be stored in a file "${user.home}/.antology_setAuthenticator_credentials".
  • <ftp2>: Now also using the for authentication.
  • <setAuthenticator>: Multiple executions now AUGMENT credentials (instead of replacing them).
  • <setAuthenticator>: Password authentications are now cached across executions, so the user is prompted at most ONCE for each <credentials> subelement.
  • Changed the default delimiter from "," to ", \t\r\n".
  • Task <ftp2>, method "sendFile()": Fix for an obvious bug in ANT 1.8.4: Verbose message "transferring a to b" swapped "a" and "b" (maybe the code was copied from method "getFile()"!?).

Version 2.0.2, 2016-11-15

  • Added a small ANT build script that uploads the generated ANTDOC to a public web site.
  • Fixed some commons-net test cases, so they succeed also in IPv6 environments.

Version 2.0.1, 2016-10-17

  • Fixed the ANTDOC generation.

Version 2.0.0, 2016-10-14

Version 1.1.6, 2016-06-17:

  • Added the "<swingLookAndFeel>" task.

Version 1.1.5, 2015-12-09:

  • <setAuthenticator>: The user/password dialog was unusable on one particular machine - added a workaround.
  • The call to "setDoOutput(true)" was previously lost, inhibiting any POST and PUT requests.

Version 1.1.4, 2015-12-02:

  • Output of the subtasks of "<forEach2>" and "<throughput>" now appears prefixed with "| ".
  • <urlConnection>: In case of an exception, also report the duration of the attempt.
  • <setAuthenticator>: Restored the original behavior where "no <credential> subelements" means "Always ask for user name AND password".

Version 1.1.3, 2015-09-25:

  • Added ANTDOC generation to the build process.
  • Fixed Dario's NPE in the <jsonProperty> task (again, sigh).

Version 1.1.2, 2015-09-24:

  • <jsonProperty> task: Fixed an NPE.
  • <swingDialog> task: May contain character data as an alternative to the <label>, <text>, <textField>, <textArea>, <checkbox>, <radioButton>, <list> and <separator> subelements.
  • <swingDialog> task: Subelement <list> now has an attribute "visibleRowCount=..." to fix its vertical size.

Version 1.1.1, 2015-09-23:

  • <swingDialog>: Label, Checkbox and RadioButton tags may now contain literal text, as an alternative to the "text=..." attribute. Particularly useful in connection with HTML label text and CDATA sections.

Version 1.1.0, 2015-09-11:

  • <setAuthenticator>: The authenticator now returns "null" when no "<credentials>" matches (instead of "user=null, password=null").
  • Added the "<ftp2>" task, which extends the "<ftp>" task with proxy capabilities.

Version 1.0.18, 2015-05-05:

  • <swingDialog> / <textField>: Added the "label" attribute which makes it possible to have labels LEFT from a text field.
  • <swingDialog> / <textField>: Added the "labelWidth" attribute to be able to align multiple labelled text fields vertically.

Version 1.0.17, 2015-04-17:

  • <swingDialog>: Added the "<textArea>" subelement.

Version 1.0.16, 2015-04-07:

  • <swingDialog>: Added the 'labels="..."' attribute so that the list can display text different from the 'values="..."'.

Version 1.0.15, June 25 2014:

  • <urlConnection><jsonAsproperties>: Response was always decoded with charset 'ISO-8859-1' instead of the connection's charset (reponse header 'Content-Type').
  • Added the '<tee>' filter reader.
  • <forEach2>, <throughput>: Added 'currentQuantity="..."' attribute.
  • <forEach2>, <throughput>: Report cumulated throughput iff previousQuantity is known.
  • <setAuthenticator>: Shorten very long URLs when displayed in the authentication dialog.
  • <urlConnection>: Added 'append="true"' attribute.

Version 1.0.14, May 1 2014:

  • Moved the <log>, <logging> and <simpleLogging> tasks from 'de.unkrig.commons.util' to 'de.unkrig.antcontrib'.
  • <logging>: Removed attribute 'parent="..."'; added attribute 'clearFilter="true"'.
  • <simpleLogging>: Attribute 'debug="..."' no longer is boolean, but "FINE|FINER|FINEST".
  • ANT-CONTRIB now uses 'de.unkrig.commons' - which is possible since the 'de.unkrig.commons' classes are renamed by JARJAR.
  • Moved JSON-related classes from 'de.unkrig.antcontrib' to 'de.unkrig.commons.text.json'.
  • Moved 'Duration', 'PointOfTime' and 'TimeInterval' from 'de.unkrig.antcontrib.util' to 'de.unkrig.commons.util.time'.

Version 1.0.13, Apr 07 2014:

  • <forEach2>, <throughput>: Added automatic singularization of quantity unit.
  • <forEach2>: Added substitution of '@{param}'.
  • <throughput>: Removed redundant 'quantityUnit' in beforeMessage and afterMessage.
  • <urlConnection>: Fixed the code for deleting partially written files (previously, half-READ files were deleted).
  • Added resource collection '<resourceTransformer>'.
  • <retry2>: Print locations when reporting nested task failure.
  • <forEach2>: Added 'count="N"' attribute
  • <forEach2>: Loop indefinitely (until FAIL or BREAK) if none of 'count', 'list' and Iterable are configured.
  • <forEach2>: Added attribute 'quantityUnit="..."'.
  • <throughput>: Eliminated some 'division by zero' problems (resulted in ugly 'NaN' percentages).

Version 1.0.12, Mar 11 2014:

  • Added new resource collection '<literalResource>'.
  • <forEach2>: Added 'message=...' and 'showEta=...' which enable a throughput analysis in the style of <throughput>.

Version 1.0.11, Mar 06 2014:

  • <urlConnection> and <jsonAsProperties> tasks: Left-pad array indexes with zeros to make life easier for ANT (which has no numeric sorting feature).
  • <throughput> task: Added the 'before message' feature.

Version 1.0.10, Feb 24 2014:

  • Added the '<forEach2>' '<break> and '<continue>' tasks.
  • Added the '<retry2>' task.
  • 'Duration' no longer recognizes the 'mm:ss' pattern because the ambiguity with 'hh:mm' is extremely confusing. Use 'hh:mm:ss' instead.

Version 1.0.9, Feb 23 2014:

  • <swingDialog>: Added the 'enabled=...' attribute to '<text>', '<checkbox>' and '<list>'.
  • <resourceCollectionDelta>: Update the 'delta state' only when the RCD has been completely iterated. The latter is a strong indicator that the processing of the RCD was successful.
  • Added the '<resourceNames>' resource collection.
  • Added the '<throughput>' task.
  • Added the '<every>', '<false>', '<successful>' and '<true>' conditions.

Version 1.0.8, Jan 23 2014:

  • <swingDialog>: Added the 'defaultIndices=...' attribute.
  • <swingDialog>: Added the 'focus=true' attribute for the subelements.

Version 1.0.7, Dec 29 2013:

  • <urlConnection>: Added subelement '<formField name=... value=...>' to UrlElement, making HTML form submission easier.

Version 1.0.6, Dec 13 2013:

  • Added the '<nslookup>' task.
  • Added the '<follow>' task.
  • Added the '<resourceCollectionDelta>' type.
  • <urlConnection>: addConfiguredMultipartFormData: N different entries appeared as N time the FIRST entry.
  • Added the '<progress>' FilterReader.
  • <setAuthenticator>: Set the keyboard focus on the user name field.
  • <urlConnection>: <filterchain> was ignored.

Version 1.0.5, Nov 20 2013:

  • Removed the 'de.unkrig.ant-contrib.' prefix from the task and type names.
  • Added the <jsonProperty> task which parses a JSON document into a set of properties, in analogy with the <xmlproperty> standard ANT task.
  • Added the <setCookieHandler> task which enables cookie processing for HttpURLConnections, including the <urlConnection> task.
  • Added the 'followRedirects2=true' attribute to the '<urlConnection>' task for enhanced HTTP redirection handling.
  • Default behavior for '<urlConnection><input>' is now to copy the input to STDOUT.

Version 1.0.4, Nov 11 2013:

(No change log available.)

Version 1.0.3, Oct 18 2013:

(No change log available.)

Version 1.0.2, Oct 17 2013:

(No change log available.)

Version 1.0.1, Jun 14 2013:

(No change log available.)

Version 1.0.0, May 30 2013:

(No change log available.)

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